Friday, October 5, 2012

Technique - Self-Control panel

1. use 16G steel horizontally-oriented, heat mark that appears to be a woman, prone and headless.
    dims: 72"W x 19"H

A. Use angle grinder to shine up the body. Chalk in.

B. Solvent transfer for ghostly image or black paint Blacken the area under the body.

Mummy Black paint. Spray gesso to the area below the body and apply "Bone Black" pigment.

C. Gesso/Bone Black above the body too - a layering to evoke burial?
Yellow above body - life

2. referring to my method of funereal body-washing, align my text. These all could go with the head. Always the head! I started washing her head and hair. Her attitude towards life was in her head. But Buchwald joke is an emotional sharing for my family. I'll move emotion to the heart.

3. Framing
Weld cleat on back
Bend cleat at a 

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