Thursday, January 28, 2010

Textural Tracings Exhibit

Installation views of the "Textural Tracings" Exhibit at Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach, So. Carolina. This is a three-person show, which includes the works of Beth Kendall, Novie Trump and yours truly.

The Gallery occupies a huge space (55'x25'). It was a challenge and a delight to place our 25 works in this beautiful place.

Each work was positioned with plenty of room to breathe.

Talking to the students of the Sculpture, Mixed Media and Professional Development classes was great fun and stimulating. An exhibit like ours is one way for students to ask questions about contemporary sculpture and for me to receive fresh feedback about my work.

With the fabulous help of Gallery Director Cynthia Farnell and an energetic team of people (thanks to Dan, Rachel, Wayne, Matt, Chris, and Easton among others), we installed a great show. Chris and Cynthia install one of Beth's pieces here.

Thanks to the generosity of Cynthia Farnell and the Rebecca Bryan Gallery of Coastal Carolina University!