Monday, August 8, 2011

"Savage Beauty"

Savage Beauty
Thrilling! What remarkable visions. Pictures don't do the work justice. I wish that my design-savvy mother had been there with me. She would have enthusiastically appreciated the pattern-matching, the innovative use of material (including clam shells or hair/beaded silk chiffon combo) and the idea of making the side silhouette perfect.

By the second room, I thought, McQueen is dressing goddesses. The clothes themselves seemed larger-than-life. And the use of mannequin hoods focused attention on the work. The mood music filled the rest of the remaining space.

My favorite dress: gold feather dress
in the gothic room.

My favorite show video: Chess Show from 2005

Waiting in line for four hours,
walking slowly through galleries I'd never been in before, I had great conversations with teachers, lawyers, Korean language-loving IT workers, art critics and pumpkin carvers. It was a fabulous moment in time.

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